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Dear Valued Patients,

Thank you for your patience with our closure and extremely limited service during the past few months.

We are pleased to announce a light reopening of our office, with strict adherence to social distancing. If you (and your household) aren’t experiencing symptoms, we encourage you to come in and get a tune up.

We will still be limiting our services for the time being, meaning there will only be one doctor treating patients in our office at any given time. We also continue to ask that patients wait in their car or outside until a couple minutes prior to their appointment, so as to reduce the possibility of patients crossing paths in the waiting room.

During reception hours, there will be one member of our staff working in our front office area, and you will notice the plexiglass shield between the front office and the waiting room. This is for your protection, as well as our staff.

We will continue our established practices of extra sanitizing between patients, working strictly separated, wearing masks and vigilant hand washing. We require that you wear a mask to your appointment. If you forgot your mask, a mask will be provided.

Reception hours (not a reflection of your Doctors treating hours) starting May 20th will be as follows:

Monday 10am -12pm
Tuesday 10am - 4pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 3pm - 6pm

Please phone within this time frame to schedule your appointments. Alternatively, you may leave a message and someone will return your call ASAP.
We look forward to treating you soon, and will be smiling under our masks to see you again.

Please be safe out there. We wish you all the best and hope that you and your loved ones are doing well.

Chiropractic Bodywork

Chiropractic Bodywork doctors Dr. Tosh, Dr. Drmandjian and Dr. SooHoo combine specialized muscle techniques and chiropractic adjustments to create a whole body treatment - incorporating a wide range of different techniques including Active Release Technique ® (ART), Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), Myofascial Release, Positional Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Adjustments. Additionally, Dr. Drmandjian is certified in Webster Technique, a chiropractic specialty designed to care for expecting mothers.

With a wide combination of specialties, our doctors are able to individualize every persons treatment, encouraging and optimizing the health and function of the patients unique neuromuscular skeletal systems. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (818) 981-2639.

Chiropractic Bodywork
(818) 981-2639

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Excellent work ethic and bed-side manner. He's not the type to give you heat/stim/roller bed and call it a day. Dr. Chris will really get in there and try to give you immediate relief. His ART techniques in particular are very effective. I highly recommend giving him a try for upper or lower back problems"
  • "Dr. Chris Tosh is by far the best chiropractor I've seen. I've been to doctors with injuries from running and playing basketball and those doctors would just tell me to stop and give up on those activity without even trying to find a cure or help me out with my injury. Dr. Chris works with you with great care, patience and provide detailed information on the cause and the problem. His A.R.T. (Active Release Therapy) technical works well on many treatments from psoas issues to joint problems. He can also find any imbalance in your body that may have caused issues before running into injuries. This guy is the man to go to for sports related injury. Don't give up on what you're passionate about. Make an appointment and see what he can do for you. - Highly recommended."
    - Kevin C.